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> > > OUT WRITE poetry anthology by Norwich Pride writing group
Out Write poetry anthology cover with outline of a body against a red and yellow background

Out Write poetry anthology cover

The Norwich Pride writing group present a new anthology  edited by UNESCO City of Literature Pride Poet Laureate, Vince Laws

OUT WRITE has been designed by Alexandra Blythe, with contributions from over a dozen new and experienced voices, featuring visual poetry, collage poetry, painted text and carefully considered text on the page.

Below is a small selection of poems from the anthology, which use wit and wisdom to express reflections on a diverse range of human experience.

The dazzlingly colourful OUT WRITE poetry anthology is now available. The book features 32 pages of poetry, prose and images from the Norwich Pride writing group, 8 pages in full colour, and a full colour A5 cover - all for £5 plus £1 P+P!

Order copies direct from Vince Laws on Facebook or

Solstice Thorn

This one rose I hold.
Blood falls onto the snow
and your petals spill
around my feet.

This one garland
I gather,
into a deep breath

and send to you this midwinter -

I miss you.

JoJo Foster


MOTHER              Some days
TRANS                 I like labels.
TEACHER            They define,
BIPOLAR              Give purpose,
LESBIAN               Comfort,
WIFE                     Include.

CRETIN                 Other days,
PARANOID            When my soul refuses to be squeezed into the space provided,
LOVER                   I want to smudge each letter,
OCD                       Ruffle the boundaries,
DAUGHTER          Turn my labels into a blurred mess,
BORDERLINE       Like a charcoal drawing brought home by a school-child.
BORDERLINE       Ill-defined.
DISORDERED      Harder to understand.

Mark R.H.

One of those days

It was one of those Prozac days
A trip to happy valley with neon lights flashing
You can cope with pharmacopoeia
This was somehow better
Than a long weekend in Maida Vale

It was one of those wrist slashing days
Watching the razor cut into the vein
Just slow enough to make the teeth grit
Observing your blood turn from blue to red
Drip drip dripping down your arm staining your fingertips
This was somehow better
Than a three hour car journey
It was one of those 48 sleeping pills days
So you could dream-sleep until dead
Vomit all over yourself
And someone else would clean it up
This was somehow better
Than having to plan the route

It was one of those walk into the sea and drown days
Your hair floating in the seaweed
Lungs filling until exploding
Crabs and fishes exploring your crevices
This was somehow better
Than packing lunch for the trip
It was one of those burn yourself with a cigarette days
Sucking greedily on the filter to make it burn hotter
The tip sizzling into your flesh
Reminding you of last month’s barbecue
This was somehow better
Than wondering what to wear

Tabitha van der Does

I am vitality

Rejoicer in life - its essence.
Spring’s elixir rises, celebrating positivity.
Platonically flawed like Athenian cracies.
Winged phoenix of trust. Delighting in truth.
Elated by the journey. Despite its inevitabilities.
I am 'Her' MacNiece’s muse:
"Alive beyond question,"
"The dazzle on the sea,"
"The fuge that keeps moving":

Ali Ransom