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> > > Alas Atos from Making Waves Community Choir
The cartoon shows a choir, consisting of people of diverse ethnicity and gender, and with various impairments, being conducted by an Asian male.

Alas Atos (c) Crippen

Making Waves is a left/ green community choir, based in Cullercoats, which has a policy of freely sharing their produce. Oliver Swingler from the choir sent the following song to DAO. He says that if anyone else wants to record and publish (it would be nice to acknowledge Oliver and the choir), they are most welcome.

Alas ATOS  (to the tune of Greensleeves)
1. Alas ATOS they do me wrong,
To treat me so robotically,
I was down and out, they stopped my dole,
I’m sick and homeless, in poverty.
(Chorus)    ATOS said they really care,
When statistics is all they want for their boss,
ATOS said they’re truly fair,
When all that concerns them is profit and loss.
2. They called me in for an interview
Where two flights of stairs blocked my wheelchair
But ATOS said I was fit for work
It was my fault I couldn’t get there
3. My doctors said that grief and abuse
Had caused me to be clinically depressed
But ATOS said I was fit for work
As long as sometimes I could get dressed.
4. I showed them my appointment card
For last-ditch chemotherapy
But ATOS said I was fit for work
If before I died I could bend my knee
5. But my friend witnessed the interview
And there’s a tape which will reveal
That ATOS isn’t fit for work
In evidence ready for my appeal

Lyrics by Oliver Swingler