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I am published writer and a member of Blakenhall Writers' Group. I have also written a novel called 'Dangerous Games', which I am hoping to get published, which is about living with cerebral palsy in an Asian household in Britain.

Editor's Pride

11 May 2016


Last year, Blakenhall Writers Group, in Wolverhampton, was successful in gaining Arts Council England funding to produce an anthology of poetry and prose.  It was our first funding request for Blakenhall Writers and we were delighted when we were granted just over a thousand pounds. The whole process, from start to end, took about 15 months. The three writers leading the project were dedicated members and organisers of the Blakenhall Writing Group: Cherry Doyle, Roma Ante and myself. We...

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Being in the Spotlight

19 March 2016


On 8th March 2016, it was International Women’s Day. I had been invited to ‘City Voices’ to perform my poetry with a short interview. 'City Voices' is a live literature event on the second Tuesday of the month (7.30-9pm) at the Lych Gate tavern, Queen Square, Wolverhampton, WV1 1TX. Organised by Simon Fletcher, formerly the literature development worker for Wolverhampton libraries, it features local and regional writers sharing their work and includes poetry,...

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Daily Paralympics

11 February 2016


Recently, I’ve had a few falls that knocked my confidence about. The thing about falling is that I always manage to get back up again; for those watching it’s quite shocking, however, for me it’s a regular activity.  My bodily balance isn't in equilibrium at the best of times but I try to deal with it in a positive way, adding my favourite word "Whoops-a-daisy!" to my daily dialogue. I wrote a piece about the Paralympics 2012, published in Disabled World....

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A Wolverhampton Winner

19 December 2015


I entered a poetry competition in 2011 where I had to write a poem about Wolverhampton City.  I wanted to write something compelling, catchy and clever. Many ideas about Wolverhampton entered my head. Surprisingly a thought came to mind, ‘What is it that makes Wolverhampton? It’s the people. What gives the people a sense of belonging to the city?’  It’s the dialect and the diversity.   I wrote a humorous poem which I submitted to the Wolverhampton Archives...

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The Writing Group - Gave Life to My Words

24 November 2015


Photo of Kuli Kohli smiling at the camera

I have struggled to speak up for myself in the past which is the main the reason I write. I have always been a writer, it was a means of getting the sealed emotions, feelings and desires out of me. I had no professional to guide or teach me to improve my writing skills until I found a writing group. After years of writing intermittently, I finally completed my first novel "Dangerous Games - What Will People Say?" in 2009. I had written a manuscript of just under 100,000 words. What a...

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