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Heart n Soul is delighted to announce that they are working with Emmy award-winning ‘Sherlock’ composer Michael Price to co-produce ‘Allsorts: The Listening Season’, our creative arts project for adults with learning disabilities.

photo of composer Michael Price smiling at the camera

Michael Price pictured, working with Heart n Soul

The Listening Season gives participants a chance to experience different ways of experiencing and listening to sounds. Some of the sessions include creating natural sounds, seeing sounds using digital art and an all day listening walk. All these sounds will be collated to create ‘A Forest of Deptford’ sound installation at the end of the season.

There are also a number of high profile artists working on the project who will be leading sessions, these include Chris Watson one of the world’s leading sound recordists who has worked on a number of David Attenborough documentaries and Professor Tony Myatt Head of sound at the University of Surrey.

Participants are also being given the opportunity to take part in a range of other sessions across the season including magic making, spoken word and a music session with the London Symphony Orchestra.

Michael Price, who recently won an Emmy award for his work on the BBC show Sherlock has been involved with Heart n Soul for three years and is delighted to be involved. He says: 

“The Listening Season shows Heart n Soul’s commitment to high level, world class art that is open to all participants. When I was first asked to consider being part of the Allsorts season, it was overwhelming and obviously a huge challenge because the work that Heart n Soul has been doing for years is such high quality and so powerfully inclusive. As soon as I spent any time at all with the director and participants at Heart n Soul it became clear that anything is possible. So I suggested the craziest things and the most fun things and the things that I would have loved to have done myself and everybody surpassed that and came up with better more wonderful ideas. It’s been a joy.”

Sandra Reynolds, Heart n Soul’s Communications Manager added:

“It isn’t difficult to get world class people to get enthused about Heart n Soul because everyone at Heart n Soul does that for you. We’ve got the London Symphony Orchestra coming for the last week of the season. Why shouldn’t the participants at Heart n Soul have access to the best quality arts in the world? 

More importantly it’s challenging and enriching for the string players from the London Symphony Orchestra and for Chris Watson to be part of the family here at Heart n Soul. It’s very much an exchange. We’re really grateful they’re coming, but they will also have the best day of their lives. Having the presence of such great artists will enrich the concept for everyone else."

Heart n Soul’s Allsorts Listening Season takes place every Thursday until Thursday 4 December, 10am-5pm at the Albany in Deptford, South East London.

Tickets: £5 for participants and it’s pay-what-you-can for parents and carers.
For more information please click on this link to visit Heart n Soul's website