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> > > Great Camelot: From Chaos to Destruction by Keir Dean


The legend of King Arthur and the Knights of Great Camelot is a tale of knights, epic battles and sibling romance. Here the tale is retold with a dark twist. There are the heroic deaths that take place from the beginning - that’s kind of okay - to an end that does not end well for most. And finally, a quest for the Holy Grail happens at some point.

To begin this story we go back to the time of Uther Pendragon when the land was a deadly place. At any time someone could end up hit by a flying pig or something more terrible like losing a head. But all that came to a shocking end with the murder of Uther who got hit by a thunderbolt during a snowstorm.

Arthur finds the Sword in the Stone
And so we flash forward to 18 years later when a young boy called Arthur came upon what seemed to be a stone with a sword pointing out of it. And short of getting into trouble or maybe getting hurt Arthur managed to pull the sword from the stone and word quickly spread across the land that a new king had been chosen and before Arthur could even sleep he was king and all knights once loyal to Uther were now loyal to king Arthur.

Uther’s top advisor Merlin who was one of the most powerful wizards of the land changed his loyalties to Arthur. Now, over the next 5 years Merlin helped Arthur create the kingdom of Camelot and once it was finished Arthur’s half-sister Morgan came to join him. Regrettably only 35 of her father Uther’s soldiers made the journey alive, meaning the other 65 met an unspoken demise. Upon reaching Camelot Morgan was met by Princess Guinevere who was set to marry Arthur in a few days’ time.

The Attack of the Dragons
Suddenly out of the clouds came a large group of dragons who began to unleash a reign of terror upon Camelot and only stopped when Merlin was able to locate the Master Dragon using a locater spell, which gave Arthur and his knights the chance to capture the fiend. This victory forced the other dragons to leave the land, for now.

So the next day it was time for the wedding and all went as planned. By night-time the wedding party was in full swing and all were having fun apart from Merlin who was waiting at the lake of Avalon for The Lady of the Lake. Nimue came out of the water with a dire warning that shocked Merlin. He came to realise that the Druids in league with Uther had not once but twice planned to enslave the entire land. When the Druids killed Uther they also placed a curse on the entire Pendragon line that would only end when the last of the Pendragons’ was killed.

Mordred confronts Merlin in The Dark Swamp
Merlin was on his way back to Camelot, with knowledge of Uther’s treachery, but before he returned he was attacked by several creatures of the night who liked blood. But instead of killing Merlin they placed him in the Dark Swamp. He was approached by a hooded man who revealed that he was in fact Mordred the offspring of Arthur and Morgan.

Mordred had wanted Merlin to be able to witness the creation of the Sword of Doom that would be able to match the power of Excalibur the Sword of King Arthur.

After the spell was done Merlin managed to escape by using teleportation to return to Camelot. However upon returning Merlin was shocked to learn that six weeks had passed and in that time Queen Guinevere had had an affair with Sir Lancelot while King Arthur and many knights were off looking for the Holy Cup of the Grail. Merlin returned to find that Lancelot had been killed and that Gwen was not the real queen but was really Morgan who had captured Queen Gwen four weeks earlier.

After a strong magic battle with Morgan which saw her consumed by lava cloud Merlin gave her the chance to redeem herself by revealing Gwen’s location. She did but it was not quite enough to save herself from being reduced to nothing but dust, which was sent flying though the main window of Camelot. So, save a flick of her hair left floating on the lake, where it got eaten by a fish, she was now gone.

Battle preparations
Meanwhile, a few days later, Mordred in his Dark Palace on the other side of the Dark Swamp got word of Morgan’s demise. After much thought he made the decision that now was the time to go to war with Camelot. Back in Camelot Arthur and the knights came to the round table to prepare for total war with Mordred and his army.

It all looked near impossible to win until An’dok king of the Elves arrived to join his army with Camelot. Long talks began between the two kings. Meanwhile Merlin called upon Queen Mab of the Great Fairy kingdom of Belltinkdom to inform them that the time of the mighty Apocalypse was upon the land of Albion. That same message also reached the land of the zombie giants of peace who made the long journey to aid Camelot.

Mordred calls on Quartak - a creature of fog
Meanwhile Nimue saw in her orb visions that Mordred was using forbidden magic to bring Quartak a creature of fog to join his army. So a few days later several knights of Camelot lead by Galahad were on their way home when in the blink of an eye they all suddenly became headless thanks to Quartak. He made the horses take the headless knights back to Camelot where the bodies were sent to Merlin’s study room.

Merlin, Arthur and Gwen, after a couple of hours of double-checking, realised something must be done about Quartak before the next confrontation. An answer came from Nimue who told Merlin that the key to getting rid of Quartak could be found at the Druid place of prayer, Stonehenge.

Merlin rushed to the location but came upon the remains of several druids who all had their eyes missing. Somehow one single druid managed to survive long enough to pass on some much needed information to Merlin who was told that faith is the key to stopping Quartak.

Merlin transforms faith into fire
A plan formed in Merlin’s mind that became a spell transforming Camelot’s faith in Arthur into a mighty fireball. This fireball was unleashed upon Quartak who was burnt to ashes. Now with that danger over Mordred invaded Camelot’s northern borders. Arthur led his knights into an apocalyptic battle of the ages that resulted in Mordred’s forces managing to wipe out half of Arthur’s knights. Both men came face to face and the swords of Excalibur and Doom clashed.

This resulted in Mordred’s end at the sharp point of Arthur’s sword. Sadly, he was also injured and set to die.  Within hours the battle was over.  Camelot may have won but it came at the cost of Arthur’s life plus many of his knights.  At the lake of Avalon, Arthur’s body was placed in a boat with his Queen by his side. Merlin and The Lady of the Lake were watching from the edge as the boat left for a better place.