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Jonny Schachter is a member of Grace Eyre Foundation's creative writing group. Below is a selection of his poetry. Enjoy!

Jonny says: "I grew up in Alberta, Canada. I graduated in 1979 with a BA in sociology and English. I do some voluntary work at the Jubilee library in Brighton. I am interested in modern jazz, Miles Davis and John Coltrane."

"I love history and am interested in Scandinavian culture. I like learning foreign languages and have studied French, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and Russian."


The weather stormed and thunder was about to strike
It was September of 1939 the sun was enraged and clouds emerged
It rained and rained
A mighty roar came from the sky
The beast roared and the horses were no longer harnessed
And were blown away by the wind
A blizzard stormed its way
Through the face of the earth
And the cry of the cougar could be heard for miles and miles
A prediction had come true.

Nonsense Poetry

There once was a girl called Heidi
Whose room was always very tidy
You can talk about organization
But this is beyond one’s imagination
I thought that I was suffering from an hallucination

Tidy Heidi - that’s what they call her Graham was praying for Jonny Schachter.
Graham pondered:
“What can I do? Where can I go?
I’m stuck with Jonny Schachter-oh no!”

So Graham, tired of jonny’s poetry projects
Exclaimed “Jonny’s poetry projects- I will wreck!”
“It is nonsensical and
I think Jonny’s hysterical
I think that I will ring his neck!”

So he went on and on
Making exclamations
Much to poor Jonny’s aggravations
Graham exclaimed:
“Jonny, are you mad?”
Jonny replied “I am terribly sorry
Because I mistook you for my Dad.”

Then Graham said:
“I think that you are suffering from delusions!”
Jonny said; ”No, it is because I suffer from malnutrition!”
Graham replied; I find that hard to believe
Considering the amount of food you eat!”

Then Jonny’s face went red,
Then purple, then green.
Graham, pensive, thought  ”I better fetch Colleen
Colleen arrived and suddenly Jonny was
Relieved, and very happy and was much better.
Then Graham gave Colleen a letter (so that)
The white van came.
Only Jonny is to blame!
So Graham’s situation was pending
There is no happy ending.

Nonsense Verse I

Gordon grew gherkins in his backyard
He gives gorillas to girls for a laugh
Griselda his girlfriend grates cheese for Gail
Giving caring for gorillas puts her in jail
Gordon’s gorilla attacked the gherkins
and the police officer
Now Griselda is out in bail with Jimmy Hoffa

Nonsense Verse II

Mark Matthews fell in the mud
Modern mud is mixed
When moulded
is folded and fixed
Mark’s mother was miffed about the situation
And Mark was no longer bad
He went mad
And being melted in the mud
Added to the aggravation

Nonsense Verse III

The cheese ad biscuits were everywhere
on my beard and in my hair
‘Oh woe is me’ I blurted
Can a food obsession
Mean you are perverted?
I salvaged my dinner
Of pork and beans
Hoping my hearty appetite
Would impress Colleen
I ate all the food on the plate
Hoping to impress my mate!

Whispering words

Whispering words
That go fast like
A gamut of emotions

Devoted love then rejected
Then sitting in a car
High in the sky
In a dream world
Preferring the world as fantasy than reality

He cried ‘why’
Luck all gone wrong
The love song
Empathy compassion
And not getting anything of that.

The tenderest adoration
And being gentle hearted
Everything has gone wrong
Rain falls on petals like the tears coming from his eyes.
And being gentle
Dreams being shattered
Cries instead of laughter
He lost his sense of humour
And became cynical
And critical
And torn between a world of reality and fantasy.

My Dad

I love my dad
He was the best pal I had
But he could be scary.

When dad got sore
He would have bulging eyes
And what is more
To my surprise
He would roll up his tongue.

My father was extreme
He could be cruel but compassionate
He could be mad at it
Like a subject or a person
But he was a human.

Sometimes he would scream
Or be in an explosive rage
The gentle bear would turn into a lion
Once he threw a glass flying
But I have learned in my old age

We all have our faults
And we live in a world of imperfection
With dad, one could be delighted
But his fuse could be ignited.