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As you scroll down these pages you will find a selection of short stories and poetry by Lauretta Moyo, Hala Exander, James Grantham, Juliet Senker, Betty Vincent, Alex Yetton, Karen Young, Jonny Schachter, Keir Dean, Susan Street and Ann Hart as well as some collectively written pieces.


Lauretta Moyo

Drawing of a dog in a garden

The Dog In The Garden
A dog’s tongue is hanging from his mouth.
He is thirsty.
He drinks water in the garden from the tap.
Carrots and loads of vegetables are growing in the garden.
Sometimes he likes running in the garden.
I sweep up with a brush to tidy up.

I like to learn French 'Bonjour'
I like computers
I have one at home
I know how to use it already.
I play football Every Thursday morning; we have to be back at Lunch time.
I like helping at home putting things away
I think I am getting better at signing in makaton
I am very good at signing.
I know the signs for Biscuit and for cake;
I also know the signs for home and later
My reading is getting better
I like to go to my cousin’s house.
We have dinner as a family.
I help out washing up and putting things away.
I am proud of all my certificates for working hard at Grace Eyre.
I like coming to the Day Centre. 
I come five days a week.
I like making friends.

I put my hand in the bag.
I l closed my eyes l was scared at what
l had chosen.
Lucie said:
“Don’t be scared”
I said, “l am scared.”
I had chosen a piece of wood it looked like a camel.
The camel spoke
He said: “what does a camel say?”
“I don’t know what a camel says” said Lauertta “maybe a camel Says moo.”
The camel said “cows say moo, maybe l say bhaaa.”
Lauretta said “sheep say bhaa.”
Camels say “aerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.”

Hala Exander

A chalk drawing of an elephant

Big Elephant
Someone else`s feet: an elephants feet was crunching the ground outside Asda. My friend and I were scared and we ran away to tell.
The police came to take the elephant back to the jungle. He was sad to leave Asda.  My friend and I were happy because we thought the elephant would be better off in the jungle.

Snake Eggs
Deep in the forest there was a nest full of eggs.  The nest is circular.  Inside the eggs there are Baby snakes.  The mother snake curls around her eggs day and night to keep her eggs warm. 

An eagle flaps her majestic wings.  She soars and swoops towards the forest.  Her tummy was rumbling.  She was hungry and was out looking for food.  Peering through the canopy the eagle spots the snakes nest hidden in the undergrowth.

James Grantham

What makes a crunching sound?

A biscuit. Charlie is going to break the biscuit and dunk it into his tea. It makes him feel happy. Then he goes and gets another one

What feels smooth to touch? The table. Charlie sits at the table, no one else is there. He has a cup of tea and two biscuits. He is in his sitting room.

The sitting room is a big one. There is a telly, chairs, settee, a lamp and he has books, all different. He is very happy in his room. He watches the telly. He is watching channel one, the news. A hurricane has gone to where it came from. It damaged every ones drains; then there’s snow where Charlie lives.

The news man says it is going to cause trouble; Charlie looks out of the window; he sees all the snow melting. It’s a good sight to see. It melts. Now he can go for a walk down to the park. He saw pigeons. On the pond there were three ducks. He leaves some bread for the ducks.

Children were playing on the swings; there was also a slide, a climbing frame, and a large café. Charlie feels he would like a cup of tea so he goes into the café. With his tea he also ordered a piece of banana cake. They cost £1:80 together, so he gave them £2 and got 20p change.

When he was ready he went home. He turned the television on when he walked in. His favourite programme was ITV. At 8 o’clock he was tired and went to bed.

Story about me
I do creative writing
I like to do Relaxation
Helps me relax
Thursday I do speak out
Take photos outside
I like to watch Eastenders
On a Sunday I see my
Friend Rob
St Martins Church
We collect money
For the charity
Sometimes I like
To take photographs
Of the seafront.

My monster creations
My monster has…
A body like a dragon
Eyes like green tongues
A red fiery nose
A mouth like a crocodile
Arms like green sticks
Legs like green sticks

My monster is…
As friendly as staff
As clever as me
As loud as talking
As smelly as perfume
As frightening as a ghost

Juliet Senker

A story about Romeo and Juliet
Romeo asked Juliet out.  Juliet said yes.  They went to a private room.  They got to know each other.  Juliet asked Romeo – “how old are you?” “I am 41” said Romeo.  Romeo asked Juliet – “how old are you?” “I am 46.”  They are around the same age. They hug and kiss. 

Romeo lives in Hove and Juliet lives in Lewes.  Romeo gets the train to Brighton and Juliet gets the train to Lewes. They spend the day together on Sundays.  Romeo goes to Juliet’s room for private time.  Juliet cooks Romeo’s dinner. They have roast chicken, roast potatoes and all the works.  They fall in love.  They get married.  Romeo moves to Brighton.  He sells his house in Hove.  Juliet sells her house in Lewes.  Juliet moves in with Romeo in Brighton.   They live happily ever after.

Juliet likes Romeo’s long brown hair.  Romeo likes Juliet’s rosy cheeks.  Romeo smells like after shave and Juliet smells like perfume.  Juliet likes Romeo’s stripy hat and Romeo likes Juliet’s blue hat.  Juliet is wearing slippers on her feet.  Romeo is wearing black shoes.

The end

A story about Emma and Ian

Chapter  1
Emma and Ian fell in love for the first time. They had their first kiss on the lips when there was no one else around. They were alone.

Emma had asked Ian to come to her house. She had given Ian her phone number and Ian had then given the phone number to his mum Rachel who had helped Ian use the phone.

Ian went to Emma’s for their first date. They had a lovely time getting to know each other. At the end of the first date Ian went home to his mum’s.

Chapter 2
The next week Ian was not well. He had a bad cold with a runny nose. His mum gave him hot drinks. Emma rung Ian up. She spoke to Ian’s mum who told her that Ian was not very well. Emma said “Poor Ian!” and told Rachel to give Ian the message. Rachel gave her son the message. Ian thought “Emma’s thinking about me,” and this made him feel a lot better. 

When Ian got better Emma got the 55 bus to his house. The bus stopped at the bottom of Martin Street. She walked up the road and found number 76. She rang the doorbell and his Mum opened the door. They had private time and had dinner together. After dinner Emma got the bus home.

Chapter 3
Emma went to her Mum and Dad’s in Kent. She told them about her boyfriend Ian and showed them a photograph of him.

Ian went to Cornwall with his Mum Rachel.
After they had been away they went to a restaurant for dinner.  It was their third date!

Emma went shopping to buy Ian’s Christmas present and Ian went shopping with his Mum to buy Emma’s Christmas present. Emma got some mistletoe to kiss under.

Ian and Emma went to a Christmas party. They saw a man dressed up as Santa.  They got presents from Santa. Emma got perfume and Ian got aftershave.

Ian went to church and had Christmas dinner on Christmas day. Emma had Christmas dinner with her Mum and Dad in Kent. They watched ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and ‘Mary Poppins’ on TV and opened presents. She got a diary and a pair of gloves from Ian. Ian got chocolate’s, from Emma, and stationary including pens, pencils, rubbers and paper for writing love letters.

After Christmas Emma and Ian went to a New Year’s Eve party and saw the New Year in.  Emma’s Mum and Dad visited Emma and they met Ian for the first time. Ian’s family and Emma’s family got on well together and Emma and Ian got married in church.  

The End.

Magic Story

Hugh and Nick went to Corfu by broomstick. It is the fastest way to get there. Juliet is there at the hotel. There is a sign ‘Juliet ‘s broomstick’.

Hugh and Nick leave their broomstick next to Juliet‘s broomstick. Juliet said to Hugh and Nick: “You have a room next me”.

Nick watched them swim. He looked after their broomstick. Harry Potter appeared on the scene. Nick said to Harry Potter: “My friends Juliet and Hugh want to do some flying.”

They fly in the sky with Harry Potter the leader. They follow Harry Potter on broomsticks. Everything is small in Corfu.

They land at the hotel. They have a feast. Nick felt sick. He had go to bed. Harry Potter, Juliet and Hugh have a chat eating a plate of food and then go to bed. Harry Potter went back to Hogwarts

The End


There was  a man called Ted
who had a very red head
He went to bed.

There was  a man called Ben
who had a pen
and wrote a letter and got better -
at writing letters.

There was a man who had a pan
and had three fans in a tree.

There was a star on car
and tar in a jar.
The car did not go far.

Betty Vincent

Rabbit at Speak Out

At Speak Out we talk about our news. A rabbit   came in and talked about his news. 

“Carrots” he said, “and letters”.  We were surprised to see the rabbit in Speak Out.  “What are you doing here Rabbit?” asked Ingrid. 

The rabbit said, “you called me on my mobile and told me to come to Speak Out”.  The rabbit’s name is Smoky and he lives in a hutch with Betty.

Alex Yetton

What My Monster Did
On Wednesday morning, early, my monster did nothing. I did painting on Wednesday afternoon
My monster did nothing on Thursday. So, I went running and my monster roared.
On Friday, I went jogging, my monster didn’t do anything.
On Friday afternoon I did yoga, my monster did drawing.
All weekend, I went walking. My monster did jumping
On Monday I did nothing, my monster waited.
On Tuesday I went sledging, my monster did nothing
My monster is happy

An Earthworm called Girlfriend
The earthworm was really called Liz
But was Rolph’s girlfriend
Rolf is a lizard
That likes dogs
Rolf likes dogs because he is funny
Rolf is also an earthworm
He dresses as a lizard
Because he is lonely
But he is happy.

If I found a fist sized lump of gold
I would make a key-ring out of part of it
With the next piece of gold I would
Make some money
I would use the money to buy some games
The first game would be Leggo City Undercover
I would spend the rest of the money on a Wii U

Do Dragons Exist?
Yes they do! They live on the mountain
The mountain is called Mount Rock
They all eat Spaghetti
They buy Spaghetti in the shop
I don’t know what the shop is called
The largest, fiercest dragon is called Sparky
Sparky is 300 feet long. He is red.
The smallest Dragon is called Squirt
Squirt is blue and short
Squirt and Sparky are friends and live together in a cave.
During the day Squirt and Sparky draw
During the evening they go to bed
Both of them eat a lot of Spaghetti!

Karen Young

The Apple
The apple was growing,
It was raining and snowing,
The bird eats the apple
and then it was poisoned

Cheeseburger Bap
The cheese burger bap,
landed in my lap.

The elephant was doing graffiti with its trunk

Jonny Schachter

The weather stormed and thunder was about to strike
It was September of 1939 the sun was enraged and clouds emerged
It rained and rained
A mighty roar came from the sky
The beast roared and the horses were no longer harnessed
And were blown away by the wind
A blizzard stormed its way
Through the face of the earth
And the cry of the cougar could be heard for miles and miles
A prediction had come true.

My Dad
I love my dad
He was the best pal I had
But he could be scary.

When dad got sore
He would have bulging eyes
And what is more
To my surprise
He would roll up his tongue.

My father was extreme
He could be cruel but compassionate
He could be mad at it
Like a subject or a person
But he was a human.

Sometimes he would scream
Or be in an explosive rage
The gentle bear would turn into a lion
Once he threw a glass flying
But I have learned in my old age

We all have our faults
And we live in a world of imperfection
With Dad, one could be delighted
But his fuse could be ignited.

Would you like to hear something catastrophic?
Jonny’s views on things are mainly gastronomic.
The size of his lunch makes him all excited.
He is always thrilled and delighted.
“Lunch is all mine!” he exclaims
Dear Jonny, you always have food on the brain.
“I cannot help it” he replies, “lunch is the raison de vivre”. 
And then he sighs and eats again until he is satisfied.
Once he was so excited; he was about to attack Juliet’s lunch.
When he tried to grab it he got, in the mouth, a punch.
He felt remorseful and sorry and promised not to do it again.
Juliet responded “Jonny, are you totally insane?”
So Peter decided to get Jonny porridge.
Jonny replied “I want Polish Pepperoni sausage!”
So The Avondale went out to Eat with Jonny.
They treated him.
I find the whole episode very funny.


Keir Dean

Doorham Road
I have lived in Doorham road for the last two decades.  So I am now going to tell of my favourite colour that is none other than the almighty blue. And finally I can nearly reveal that I once had an animal who was known as Apple because that name suited the frog as he was scared of Sharks and sometime later ended up all over the garden after an unspoken event. 

To Dream or not to Dream
The dream for some reason was a colour red that was dripping in mid-air, which was so normal for me on my own, given that I was inside but outside of the inside. No sadly the dream within the dream of the dream was realistic.  So nothing as extreme as flying took place! 

Now this dream was a so bad dream which was great for such dreams give me useful ideas. I do have this dream when I need some ideas that are in desperate need of being remembered in the dream that is not a dream.  But then one is never sure that the dream was not a dream within the dream so this is going nowhere talk.  The dream is very much over now so this talk about the meaning of dreams is finished (unless we go into the true depth of dreams).

Susan Street

Bird on my Hand
It is lovely and soft.
I have some nuts and the bird eats them off my hand.
We saw some squirrels in the park.
And we saw some pigeons. And we saw some dogs, some snowdrops, daffodils. 
Spring Time.
Buttercups, crocuses. 
All different colours like a rainbow
When it is wet the snails and slugs come out.

Imaginary Interview with Rebecca
What is your name? Rebecca
Where do you live? Scotland
Do you have any brothers and sisters? Yes 6 brothers and 7 sisters.
Are you religious? Yes.
What is your favourite thing to do?  Swimming every day.
Where is your favourite place to go? Australia.
What are you most proud of?  The London Games.
What language do you speak? Russian I speak.
Do you speak more than one language?  Yes I do.
How old are you?  I am 21.
Do you have any pets?  A dog called Charlie.
What is your favourite meal?  I like salad.
What is your favourite vegetable? Carrots.
If you could be an animal which animal would you be? A rabbit.
Are you interested in politics? Yes .

Maureen Hart

Summer Holidays
The Summer is a special time,
That is why I thought I would
write this rhyme.                       
I like to drink sparkling wine,
in the glorious sunshine.
with the flowers blooming all around,
where laughter is a common sound.

The smell of barbecues in the air,
where butterflies flutter
here and there,
in and out, amongst the flowers,
with the whole day long to spend entirely ours.

The clouds above resemble mounds of snow,
the summer sun will make them grow,
fluffier and bigger as the day goes by
they spread across the vast blue sky.

When I was young, about 9 years old, I started to dance.
I wanted the gold medal for myself on the dance floor.
I see people coming through the door.
My heart beats faster when I begin to dance,
My friends watch me as I leap and prance.
When I feel the music I jump to my feet
and get straight on to that line-dancing beat.

The Cat
The cat sat on the mat, he was fat.
His belly was as wobbly as a jelly.
He ate chocolate birds and mice,
he wouldn’t give anyone a slice.
He liked to sleep every day.
Wide awake he wouldn’t stay

Ann Hart

A Man called Bob

A chalk drawing of a man with a coffee cup

This is a man called Bob,
He enjoys drinking cups of coffee.

He travels to work on an egg,
and likes to eat chicken for his dinner.

Haiku Poems

A syllable is part of a word pronounced as a unit. It is usually made up of a vowel alone or consonants. The word ‘Haiku’ has two syllables; Hai-ku. Haiku is a traditional form of Japanese poetry. Haiku poems consist of three lines. The first and last lines have five syllables and the second line has seven syllables. The lines rarely rhyme.

Poodle by Susan Street
Very curly fur
Dog all black or white clipped coat
Pink ribbons and bows

Piranhas by Keir Dean
Carnivorous fish
Attack in packs suddenly
Very fast sharp teeth

Flowers by Elaine Parkes
Bloom everywhere
Perfume bouquet bees come to
Beautiful petals

Haiku Poems created as a group

A Poem Written About Ann Hart
Nice nature good friend
Polite considerate smiles
Brave always been kind

A Poem Describing A Mermaid
Fish tail lives in sea
She avoids human contact
Legend long hair swims

The Magic Bird by The Walsingham Creative Writing Group

Theodora was bored. It was halfway through the summer holidays and she was fed up. She got cross and threw all her clothes on the floor. Her Mum told her to pick them up and sent her to bed. Theodora fell asleep and was suddenly awoken by a noise; she could hear the sound of a violin.  She looked out of the window and saw a man playing the violin. 

She called out to him: “What are you playing?” “I am playing Beethoven violin concerto number one movement and my name is Lesham Cornsham.”

Suddenly a pretty bird flew into Theodora’s bedroom window and landed on her bed. He said hello and started to sing. The bird told her he loved her and he wanted her to go on an adventure.
The magic bird took her to a magical zoo and they went in a magic car.  It was magic because it could fly.  When they got to the zoo they met a lady who was tall and thin, her name was Jaffa Cakehole. They saw a policeman and asked what the time was. The policeman’s name was Charlie Heartbeat and he told them to go to the sweet shop and see

Sharon Chocolatey. “Can I help you?” Sharon asked.

Theodora became distracted and remembered that she had always wanted to work in a sweet shop, so she asked Sharon if she had any vacancies?  Sharon offered her a Saturday job and Theodora accepted and started work the very next day.

While she was working at the sweet shop a clown called William Yellow Tummy came in. All of a sudden he did a magic trick and made all the sweet and newspapers disappear!  Theodora was very upset and thought she would get into trouble.  She called out to the policeman who took William Yellow Tummy down to the police station and locked him up.  The magic bird saw what had happened and felt sorry for the clown.  He took him away and found a circus where William Yellow Tummy could stay and make people laugh.

By this time Theodora was missing her Mum.  She had to find the magic car to take her back home.  She ran through the woods towards the castle and asked for Cilla Black. “Please help me to get back home” Theodora asked.

Cilla showed her where the car was and took her home.  Theodora said sorry to her Mum and they all sat down for a nice cup of tea, which made everyone happy.