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Frank shares a poem 'Moments in the Day' / 20 July 2013

Moments in the Day

The papers print a creepy image
A boy with a rucksack on his back
At the train station.
Of to take his life
And bring others down with him
All for the promise of paradise
What kind of paradise?

I was talking to my Muslim neighbour
He told me he disagreed with the bombing
Nowhere in the Koran does it say you must kill.

I read the newspapers 
The front page exposes its scandal
I hear politicians talking
I hear politicians waffle. 
I can’t help wondering
Are there grey areas they don’t tell us about?

The papers print a troubled image
A war 
A tragedy
I would like to feel 
That this wounded world can heal.

One Thursday morning
I went to the chapel
With an Afro-Caribbean friend
Other Christians of different persuasions
And a Muslim.
We said prayers for peace
We all said prayers for peace
Sometimes I get wound up by positive discrimination
And it brings out the worst in me.

In this mixed up melting pot of a society
We express differing views
It can cause conflict

I wonder
Will it ever be possible
To learn from our differences
To share enlightenment
To share enlightenment,
To believe that wherever possible
Barriers are meant to be broken down?

Lord I pray
Can the time come
To learn from our differences?
To share enlightenment
To share enlightenment.
To find words for a proud rhythm
To create a song
That will 
Break barriers down.

Lord I get weary
Competing in this human race
I would like to think this tearful world can smile.

Let God be
A God of love
A God of peace
Striving for hope
God Bless.

Frank Bangay
October 05