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Removing Barriers / 12 August 2015

A couple of years ago, Toyah Wordsworth, a young disabled woman, commissioned me to create some cartoons for a board game she had devised. The game, 'Removing Barriers', was aimed at raising awarenness about the many barriers that exist in society and that exclude disabled people from full participation in everyday life.

Through her business 'Equal Equality' Toyah provides consultancy and equality training based on the Social Model understanding of disability. Having tested the game during her own training sessions, she now feels that 'Removing Barriers' is ready to reach a wider audience in the UK.
Toyal found that by introducing 'Removing Barriers' into her training sessions, she was able to address one of the more fundemental barriers without it really being too obvious - this was 'communication'. Also, by combining the game with her more conventional training material, Toyah discovered that the people on her courses were more easily able to identify with the whole concept of 'disabling barriers'.

Apart from having important educational value and being extremely easy to play, 'Removing Barriers' is also a great deal of fun and should be available to all disabled people involved in providng disability equality training thoughout the UK. This is in fact Toyah's wish and as a step towards this, she has created a page on CrowdFunder with the aim of raising enough funds to have sufficient copies of the game printed.

You can help Toyah, and also see how you could help yourself, by logging onto her CrowdFunding page.   


Colin Hambrook

16 August 2015

No problem. I hope Toyah reaches her goal. Although I must say I'm a bit surprised she doesn't offer a copy of the game as a reward. She only seems to want to use it for equality training purposes.

Dave Lupton

12 August 2015

Many thanks to Editor Colin for allowing Toyah to publicise this venture on DAO. I'll keep you all posted on this blog on how it all develops. Fingers crossed for her.