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Weeding out the work-shy?! / 5 January 2015

Iain Duncan Smith has made sure that the information available on the Department of Works & Pensions (DWP) web site has supported his claim that he is successfully saving the country untold millions of pounds by 'weeding out the work-shy'.

He's painted a picture, usually with the help of his right wing tabloid friends, that those people who were claiming to be chronically sick and disabled were in fact fit for work. He even presented figures to Parliament that showed over 75% of incapacity claimants had been found to be fit for work after undergoing a Work Capability Assessment ... Lies, all lies!

Figures released by the DWP make a complete mockery of these earlier claims. They in fact reveal that 93% of long term sick claimants HAVE qualified for Employment & Support Allowance, with 81% qualifying for intensive support on the grounds of severe health problems.  

The latest figures from the DWP publishing 'scores' for Work Capability Assessments carried out between January and March 2014 show that 93% of longer term incapacity benefit claimants qualified for Employment & Support Allowance with just 6% being found 'fit for work' - most of whom will appeal (with almost half of them winning their appeal and having their benefits reinstated!).




7 January 2015

Says it all Deborah. Nice one

Deborah Caulfield

6 January 2015

Their picture paints a thousand lies

erased the countless cries

of those who died

and the anger of those who are still alive



for the right to independent living