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Curing the Crips?! / 10 December 2014

A clever piece of journalism by Frances Ryan, writing for the Guardian newspaper, leads with the statement 'Iain Duncan Smith thinks he can cure disabled people as if by magic'

She goes on to say that that: "Iain Duncan Smith is Jesus Christ. For anyone who missed the Second Coming, it happened at around mid-morning on Thursday when it became apparent that the secretary of state for work and pensions has started to cure the disabled and chronically sick."

I've taken the liberty of quoting some of the hard facts that she's put into the article, but I recommend that you read it in full by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. Although extremely tongue in cheek, Frances provides a chilling insight into the Machavellian nature of this cruel and vindictive man. She writes:

"It has emerged that more than a third of people with disabilities such as Parkinson’s and MS are being denied the full version of employment support allowance and pushed into “work-related activity” – the group expected to be well enough to work, that gets less money, and is routinely sanctioned."

Almost 8,000 people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, muscular atrophy, Parkinson’s disease, cystic fibrosis and arthritis have been put on this lesser “will be able to work soon” benefit, according to an investigation by the conditions’ respective charities. Of these, 5,000 people were put into the category despite assessors actually writing the phrase “unlikely [to be fit for work] in the longer term” on their reports."

This level of incompetence means that seven out of 10 new claimants with a progressive condition have been reassessed two or more times on the same claim. Health experts claim that repeatedly harassing people who are too ill to get out of bed and threatening to remove the money they need to eat is causing stress and anxiety."

Frances Ryan's article in the Guardian can be found by clicking on this link

PS. One of the comments following the article made me chuckle: "With IDS as the target of their ire, I'd suggest Disabled People Against Cu ts  are missing a letter in their name."