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Cheers m' Lords! / 8 December 2014

with a nod to Marie Antoinette!

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And so it goes on ...

At the same time that the High Court has upheld the Government’s decision to close the Independent Living Fund (which thousands of disabled people rely on to live independently), the House of Lords have been squabbling over the quality of their champagne!

The House of Lords have rejected the suggestion that, as a way to reduce costs, they use the same caterers as the House of Commons. They claim that this would involve lowering the quality of their champagne which is not something they are prepared to do!

Meanwhile, in the real world, about 17,500 disabled people who currently receive an award from the Independent Living Fund (ILF) will see those funds transferred to their local authority with no guarantee that the money will continue to be used to support them to live independently.

This government are obviously hoping that this will be the final straw that will see disabled people off the streets and going quietly back into those institutions that we were forced to live in before.

Quietly eh? I think not!


Colin Hambrook

9 December 2014

It is a very grave day for disabled people.

Rosemary Boon

8 December 2014

This is totally and utterly disgraceful. Taking money from people that really need the money to help them to live independently is wrong on every level.

And pompous idiots moan just because they will get cheaper champagne. How is that important. What is wrong with these toffee nosed Rich people? Do they not have any sense of right or wrong. And common decency?

I hope they can live with the heartlessness and their shame.