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It's been a funny couple of months ... / 1 September 2014

Myths around Independent Living - Created for the European Network on Independent Living

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It's been a funny couple of months, especially with being locked out of facebook again. Seems that one of my cartoons caused offence to someone (again), who complained, the cartoon gets suspended and investigated and then I'm told my work is too Political for a place on Facebook.

I've put in the usual appeal, about non-disabled people finding a lot of my work innappropriate, especially when confronting their misconceptions about disability and challenging their stereotypical beliefs about disabled people; that the work isn't Political but political etc ... see where that gets me.

It's been a bit of a blessing though as it's given me more time to work with my web wizard and help rebuild my web site. As I mentioned, we're using Wordpress, which I'd only associated with blogging before. The style of the new web site is certainly more blog oriented but has a fresher and punchier overall presentation. I'm liking it and enjoying presenting the different areas of work I'm engaged in along with other bits of information that wasn't really appropriate for the old web site format.

BTW, the old web site is still there, hanging in cyberspace and available through a link on my new Home Page. It still has the old galleries section, but I'd be grateful if poeple would check with me before lifting anything from there as a lot of them are a bit dated now (I think I mentioned this is an earlier blog here).

I'd also be grateful for any feedback about  the new format and especially if it's as accessible as the old one, particularly with regard to the text descriptions that are attached to each cartoon.

The link to the new web site is still the same. Just click here to find it. You'll find most of my new stuff under the Blog heading/current work ... enjoy.



Colin Hambrook

1 September 2014

You're just too radical for your own good. Perhaps that quote from Tony Blair didn't help on deciding whether it was a 'P' or a 'p'... Come to think of it, I recall a Criptarts cartoon that had some issues with 'p's - Learning to P wasn't it. The new site looks great Dave - very clearly laid out...