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New Crippen web site / 19 August 2014

Over the past few weeks I've been working with my Web Master Ken Scott to relaunch my web site.

The old site had become a bit clunky and it was becoming increasingly more time consuming updating the cartoons in the gallery section of the site. Consequently, people were using cartoons from the site that were now out dated, which meant that I had to chase them down in order to provide them with the latest version.

As I say, time consuming and quite frustrating at times, especially when I tracked a cartoon download to a non-disabled people led organisation that had used a cartoon without permission - and who would have normally been charged for the privilege!

The new site is built upon the Word Press format and is far more flexible and easier to access, for me and for the people who view the site. It's in its early stages yet and we've still got a fair bit of tweaking to do, but if you log on, you'll get the general idea of how I want the new site to look.

As always, I'm happy for feedback regarding access issues ...

Please click here to see the new site