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A new impetus? / 7 July 2014

Only 6 months ago, disabled bloggers and commentators like myself were making reference to the poor turn-out at protests and demonstrations that specifically targeted cuts to services provided for disabled people. It was rare to see anyone there other than the usual old die-hards who have been protesting about this government and its draconian measures since they first set up shop.

Now, suddenly, within the space of two weeks, disabled people have started staging protests right on the doorstep of government. Showing a determination and boldness that hasn't been seen since the 90's when DAN organised protests about the poor access to public transport, disabled people have been chaining themselves together, blocking roads and causing enough disruption to have even got the mainstream press interested!

Just over a week ago a 'flash mob' of some 60 disabled protesters and their allies materialised in the grounds of Westminster Abbey, alongside the Houses of Parliament. A few days later came a mass demonstration outside the Head Office of the Department of Works and Pensions (DWP). Both events involved a heavy police presence, people being arrested, and both attracted main stream newspaper and television coverage.

And the common theme of these two events? The proposed closure of the Independent Living Fund (ILF), a fund that supports the independent living of a relatively small percentage of disabled people within our community.

Outraged by this attack on the more vulnerable members of the disabled people’s community, this cut is seen by many to be the final straw in a long chain of cuts to benefits and support services for disabled people.

This call to arms is an opportunity for disabled people in this country to focus their anger and frustration at this heartless government and its unremitting attack on our lives.

Now is the time for disabled people to join together and be counted.

If you feel angry enough to join our fight then please click here for more information on the Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) web site -

Also, click here for a direct link to the Face Book group -




10 July 2014

Ooh, bit harsh Arty. But I take your point. The more people involved the louder our voice!

Arty farty

7 July 2014

We needed a kick up the backside Mr C. Let's hope this impetus keeps going and the 'Save the ILF' campaign gathers more and more supporters who are prepared to put their wheelchairs where their mouth is!