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Step into the irreverent world of disabled cartoonist Crippen aka Dave Lupton, who has been in the vanguard of disability arts movement for more years than he cares to mention. His work has appeared in mainstream press, on TV and film and is now probably the best Disabled cartoonist in the world!

Pudsey stashes away almost 90million pounds!

14 November 2015


BBC Children in Need, which has raised more than £600million since 1980, has allegedly stashed a large part of this into its investment portfolio instead of giving it directly to those children it claims to collect the money for. BBC Children in Need has £87,705,000 invested in a range of portfolios, up from £81.2million last year. Another £2.2million is sitting in its bank accounts, up from £864,000 last year. The current charity drive, hosted by the BBC,  is...

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Operation Invisible

5 November 2015


The following has been written by Bob Williams-Findlay, long time disabled activist and academic, who is explaining why Operation Invisible is taking such a firm grip on disabled people's imagination. "What is Operation Invisible? It is a simple idea: to bring together disabled activists and our organisations to produce 'campaign material' aimed at making our allies aware of our current dissatisfaction with how we are both seen and treated within mainstream organisations and...

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