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Step into the irreverent world of disabled cartoonist Crippen aka Dave Lupton, who has been in the vanguard of disability arts movement for more years than he cares to mention. His work has appeared in mainstream press, on TV and film and is now probably the best Disabled cartoonist in the world!

The rich language of disability

29 February 2012


Crippen's chugger cartoon

Well, it's all been happening whilst I've been away. Apart from such regulars as young Dolly, Joe Mc, Tanya and Ms. Pepper, a quick glance at the DAO blog lists brings up a host of fresh names. But are they what they appear to be? Take for example Rich Downes. Obviously a  pseudonym (and I see he's done the reverse of what I do and has used a picture of a much older man in order to establish more credibility). I actually have it on good authority that he's only allowed out...

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He's back!

25 February 2012


Photo of Dave Lupton aka Crippen

Just when you'd all been lulled into a false sense of security and felt able to visit the blog section of the DAO web site without the need for extra double-gusset strength protection, I'm afraid we have to break the news to you that ... he's back! Yes, that old curmudgeon* Crippen is back from his bed of pain and incontinence and has once again picked up his pen ready to do battle on behalf of crips everywhere. "It's good to be back" he told us when we spoke to him at the home for...

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