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Step into the irreverent world of disabled cartoonist Crippen aka Dave Lupton, who has been in the vanguard of disability arts movement for more years than he cares to mention. His work has appeared in mainstream press, on TV and film and is now probably the best Disabled cartoonist in the world!

Crippen looks at the portrayal of Disabled people as being the problem

31 August 2009


Crippen's cartoon about lack of access in education

The following excerpts were taken from an online newsletter, written by Disabled people for Disabled people. If even we can’t get it right, what are the chances of the mainstream press understanding the issues around barriers and the Social Model understanding of disability?! ‘A teenager has triumphed in his A-levels after refusing to let his cerebral palsy hold him back at school … ’ I would suggest that it’s not his cerebral palsy holding him back at school but the barriers that...

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Crippen looks at the reality of BNP politics

27 August 2009


Crippen cartoon about brick throwing BNP

An article caught my eye earlier today which contained the following quote from Counsellor Pat Richardson, leader of the BNP group on the Essex council. This follows a kidnapping at knife point of a local muslim man and firebombing of his home: Cll. Richardson said her party was not behind these attacks. "Firebombing is not a British method. A brick through the window is a British method ..." she said. Oh, that's alright then! The link to the article, which appears in the Guardian is:...

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Crippen provides some political links

25 August 2009


Crippen's cartoon about a disabled, black, gay man being attacked

There’s usually a lot happening within the world of Cripdom; Disabled people around the world continue to struggle against the apartheid that still exists, despite new laws that have been passed to identify and remove the many barriers within our respective societies that disable us. Thanks to the internet this news can now be shared around the various disability networks that we have - although this never seems to reach the national or international press (why are we not suprised?!)....

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Crippen looks at MMR and Autism

19 August 2009


Crippen's cartoon about the MMR vaccinations causing Autism

I've recently been commissioned to produce some illustrations to accompany a talk on Autism. It seems that the various groups associated with Autism are now including most of the associated neurodiverse conditions within their remit, such as Asperger's Syndrome, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia (numeracy dyslexia), etc. Some groups are also moving towards an understanding of the Social Model of disability and are interacting with groups and organisations of Disabled people in this respect. Several people...

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Crippen gives a heads up about the appearance of Liz Crow on the Trafalgar Square plinth

4 August 2009


Liz Crow in a Nazi uniform sitting  on the plinth in Trafalger Square

Our Disabled sister and fellow artist Liz Crow appeared on the Anthony Gormley plinth in Trafalgar Square on Saturday 8th August at 2200 hrs. And as promised, she presented a dignified but powerful statement against extreme right wing politics in its worse manifestation. Initially clad in a cream coloured blanket that covered her from head to foot, Liz sat quietly in her wheelchair for the first 10 minutes before pulling it away to reveal herself wearing the uniform of the war time Nazi party....

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Crippen brings your attention to the closure of the last wind turbine blade manufacturer in the UK

2 August 2009


Crippen cartoon about our increasing carbon footprint

Many of us green crips are spreading the word as far and as wide as possible about the closure of the VESTAS factory on the Isle of Wight. This not only means the loss of 600 jobs to the Island (a huge blow in itself) but also that there will no longer be any manufacturing of wind turbine blades within the UK. By having to import these components, this strengthens the argument for those people who are opposed to wind farming and who say that the cost of obtaining and erecting the windmills...

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Crippen's introduction to the world of Asperger's Syndrome

1 August 2009


Crippen's Aspergers and Disabled people cartoon

I've started to create cartoons based upon people who have Autism and Asperger's Syndrome. This has mainly been due to the contacts that I've been making through Facebook and the new networks of Disabled people that I'm 'meeting' through this facility. It's a difficult area to work in I'm discovering, as the various people involved in this area of impairment tend to have different points of view regarding their position in the Disabled people's movement ... or not! Obviously, those contacts I'm...

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