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Step into the irreverent world of disabled cartoonist Crippen aka Dave Lupton, who has been in the vanguard of disability arts movement for more years than he cares to mention. His work has appeared in mainstream press, on TV and film and is now probably the best Disabled cartoonist in the world!

Into hospital ...

30 May 2009


Crippen cartoon

Hi boys and girls,

I'm into our local hospital on Sunday 31st for a hip replacement operation so not sure if I'll be posting this coming week. But never fear, I'll be back to annoy you as soon as I can ...

I'll leave you with this cartoon to hold the fort until my return!

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Last chance saloon

27 May 2009


Crippen cartoon

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has announced the appointment of Neil Kinghan as Interim Director General of the Commission for the next six months ... er Forgive me, but those of you who know me will know that I'm a simple soul, so please could I have some help. Let me think. Over-arching equality bill, just starting its passage, important moment for equality and human rights, scarcely a more important moment for strong and highly respected leadership ... hmmmm. I'm struggling...

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Testing times

21 May 2009


Crippen test cartoon

Another one this week combining a couple of hot news items ...

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New style

14 May 2009


Crippen expenses cartoon

Starting from this week I’m going to occasionally try and express myself by just creating a topical cartoon and holding back on the usual accompanying dialogue. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the writing aspect of the blog, I do, and it’s easier to create a cartoon that has some writing supporting it. From time to time I’d like to challenge my existing comfort zone in an attempt to explore another level of expression as a Disabled cartoonist. I’m also hoping that by doing this, the...

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Happy 50th Jane!

11 May 2009


100th cartoon

When her parents were told that Jane Campbell wasn't expected to live much beyond her teens, the world hadn't bargained on her being one of the most tenacious Crips that they were to ever meet! In true Jane style she has marked her passing years with 'Not dead yet!' birthday celebrations, and has blown a resounding raspberry at the various ailments and impairment related setbacks that have come her way, sometimes resulting in hospital stays. Typically a number of these resulted in her...

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Crip 4 a day!

8 May 2009


Crippen cartoon

Don’t you just love ‘em?! In an attempt to raise awareness of the sort of issues faced by Disabled people and to raise some funds for a clinic in Bangladesh, a school in Australia suggested that the children might like to dress as a person with a disability (sic) for a day. There was even to be a prize for the best pupil dressed to represent a Disabled person during this special ‘Disability Day’. Naturally enough, after protests were received from parents, local Disabled people and even...

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Kick a Crip

3 May 2009


Martin Mann

So what shall we do today? I know, we’ll go and kick the shit out of some Disabled guy. These must have been the thoughts of four white thugs who laid into Martin Mann of Basildon last month when he was out walking his dog and minding his own business. Leaving him laying on the floor with a fractured eye socket and covered in blood, the thugs then ran away laughing. Martin’s family and friends have posted on Facebook asking for people to come forward and help the police track down these …...

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Scratch and Sniff?!

1 May 2009


smell cartoon

So what happens when an armed police officer shouts at a Deaf person to stop?! Well, apparently because a Deaf person is part of the ‘special population groups’ or SPG’s for short, we are assured that the officer in question will not shoot first and ask questions afterwards. His “special training” will come in to play and everything will be OK. SPG’s by the way are “a group of people who do not behave in an expected, rational manner as a result of some...

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