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I like to think of my poems as ‘misery with oomph’ taken from observations of life.  I use poetry as a way of expressing my personality. I perform at various poetry events in London and have had a few poems published here and there. I am working towards publishing a book… or maybe two.

Lee and Moody...two greats gone!

15 June 2015


portrait photo of Christopher Lee

Just to record my feelings and memories of Christopher Lee and Ron Moody who lived to great ages and both died last week.  I think they reached everyone with their charisma and performances!  One sucked blood which could represent the present government and the austerity measures and the other resorted to picking pockets!!! Christopher Lee’s Dead! If I had a Hammer Horror I’d nail it to the door Where’er He Christopher Lee Has gone Our Lord and Master Of blood...

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Back to School

12 June 2015


Back to School The bullies never stop But this time I won't let it drop I must fight Disparaging bile 'You're the problem!' Spread by those who seem servile When it’s your face that doesn't belong Purging my wrath at Survivors Looking good and acting strong Performed primal screams, satisfying But vulnerability's not gone I shone for a while but  tears never stop 'Because I've been wrongly accused’ I guess it’s the trait of all...

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