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I like to think of my poems as ‘misery with oomph’ taken from observations of life.  I use poetry as a way of expressing my personality. I perform at various poetry events in London and have had a few poems published here and there. I am working towards publishing a book… or maybe two.


9 June 2014


The gorgeous, beautiful, hilarious, gentleman Rik Mayall who helped to shape the alternative comedy scene with a new humour for my generation died today. His first popular role on the BBC was in The Young Ones in which he played Rik the grotesque, neurotic, lefty student with a penchant for Cliff Richard, which led to releasing a record with an hilarious video for Comic Relief with Cliff.  He and three other miscreants (students!) lived in a...

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Shabby Cheek - let time stand still

3 June 2014


Brimstone Butterfly

I was fortunate enough to go for a country walk after a lovely Sunday lunch in Berks or was it Bucks (confused boundaries but at least it wasn't Starbucks).  It was one of those halcyon days when the City is a distant memory and you wished you lived in cottage, completely relaxed, day job a million miles away.   Everything was slow. The only buzz was bees around the flowers that hung in front of the 18th century pub, which thankfully is not gentrified. There's...

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