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I like to think of my poems as ‘misery with oomph’ taken from observations of life.  I use poetry as a way of expressing my personality. I perform at various poetry events in London and have had a few poems published here and there. I am working towards publishing a book… or maybe two.

Can't think of a title!! I just want to express a bit of happiness

11 July 2014


At Harrison's Bar - a gem of a basement for gigs Fuelled by red wine I walked from Kings Cross to Euston I took in the St Pancras Gothic beauties And said out loud in my head I LOVE KINGS CROSS GIGS I love London Streets I love London gigs Like Kath Tait's honeyed voice Lucy Lyrical's ukele Maggie Swampwino's electric mandolin Blew away my duress, my stress and the wind up my dress Fuelling my journey up Euston Road...

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