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I am, amongst other things, a TV Producer and writer. My novel ‘Pavement’, published by Cutting Edge Press, is a dark, gruesome, funny and dystopian story of a disabled serial killer. My blog attempts to illuminate the delightful, dark and dangerous thing that is the tunnel of life... Where's my torch?

The sight of one hand clapping...

14 March 2016


There has been a long transit between this blog and my last. The reasons are many and varied. I’m in the last throes of completing a Dispatches programme for Channel Four, it is a demanding taskmaster, the last area of television in which you must be factually accurate a difficult thing to achieve in any arena. Facts are like eels, slippery and cunning, hard to pin down.  You may want to watch if you have a passing 30 minutes and a television set (or a computer). The subject matter...

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