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New Voices Brighton was funded by Arts Council and was produced in partnership with writers development agency New Writing South.

The program created a space for disabled writers to gain experience of engaging with DAO’s online community through publishing a series of blogs, discussions, reviews and comment on the artistic process.

The program aimed to create a space for disabled writers to gain an experience of engaging with DAO’s online community through publishing a series of blogs, discussions, reviews and comment on the artistic process.

We were delighted to be able to offer some of the writers an opportunity to review performances and conduct interviews with artists performing at Arts Council's decibel 2011 showcase.

New Writing South
New Writing South work with all kinds of creative writers and new writing in the south east region: authors, playwrights, poets, screen writers, radio writers, journalists and more.

They offer writers’ development, encouragement, resources and opportunities to make new contacts. They also programme numerous events that aim to enhance skills, stretch creativity and broker partnerships with those who produce and publish work.

Josh Pulman has been working in film and photography for 25 years. He has made music promos, fly on the wall documentary, educational, corporate academic and art video projects. Much of his work has involved sensitive subject matter, requiring an almost invisible presence while capturing a natural and truthful account in sound and vision.

To view a short film by Josh Pulman of responses to the program please go to DAOs youtube channel

Bernadette Cremin

I am a published poet and performer. I am currently giving a reading and Q & A session at Metropole University and am hoping to have some of my work in the University archives of Irish Literature. I am publishing a new and selected collection with Salmon – a leading publisher of poetry in Ireland. I have also got a pamphlet being published by Pighog on the theme of Brighton, for which I am working with a local photographer.

I have used DAOs New Voices programme mainly as a vehicle for reflection on development of my one-woman show Altered Egos. I have enjoyed using a DAO blog to have 'conversations' with my characters.

Altered Egos was first performed in the 2010 Brighton Fringe Festival where it received runner-up in the Latest Awards for Best Literary /Performance event. I have recently been awarded a Grants 4 Arts Award to develop the show and to tour the work nationally.

You can read Bernadette's Altered Egos blog at

Charles Devus

Photo of Charles Devus by Jo Goetz

Photo of Charles Devus by Jo Goetz

I have been actively engaged as a visual art practitioner, writer, and performer since before I can remember and have recently discovered a talent for music. I see these as interdependent disciplines and I am primarily interested in constructing and relating stories through a combination of these medium.

My pictorial work is divided into digital paintings and pen and ink colour drawing. I have my own world, which is represented in picture through an ongoing graphic novel called Justin Sane about a character of that name. I was unable to undertake formal art training and

Last year I wrote performed edited and broadcast the weekly Justin Sane radio show on Radio Free Brighton and I am known locally as a performance poet. In April 2011 I had a picture published in The Big Issue and two works exhibited at the Impact Art Fair in Islington courtesy of Creative Future. On the strength of that I have been invited to Berlin to exhibit.

If I were to list the two most influential visual artists amongst the many who I am indebted to I would undoubtedly pick Herge of Tintin fame and Carl Giles, the brilliant British newspaper cartoonist of the second half of the twentieth century.

I am writing about the development of my graphic novel 'Justin Sane' and my experience as an artist with Creative Future; as well as engagement with Galleri Cru from Berlin where I plan to have an exhibition in 2012.

You can read Charles' blog at

John O'Donoghue

I am John O'Donoghue, author, poet, and journalist. I want to write about Outsider Art, drawing on the aesthetics of Art Brut and applying these in particular to poetry. I've long been interested in these two areas and am grateful to DAO for giving me the time and space to investigate 'Poesie Brut'.

I am a writer in mid-career, with several publications behind me, including Sectioned: A Life Interrupted (John Murray, 2009), and Brunch Poems (Waterloo Press, 2009). Sectioned tells the story of my time on the psychiatric merry-go-round in the Seventies and Eighties, and the broader story of what happened to the UK in the Thatcher era. The book was awarded Mind Book Of The Year 2010. In addition to my memoir and poetry, I have also written journalism for The Observer, The Guardian, The Times, The TES, Disability Now, The Mind Membership Magazine, The London Magazine, PN Review, Acumen, Orbis, and Poetry Express.

You can read John O'DOnoghue's blog at

Monika Richards

I am Monika, call me Mon and I have various names, like most of us have complex identities of which some are visible, declared or stay hidden. I am honoured to be part of New Voices. I will give you my opinion on a series of arts events and very much welcome your replies...

You can read Monika Richards' blog at

Gary Thomas

photo of film-maker Gary Thomas

Gary Thomas

Artist and Filmmaker Gary Thomas looks at the relationship between art and film, why it's sometimes uncomfortable, and how he deals with his own 'strands', (including disability), both personally and professionally.

He'll also be writing about his own work as well as developing other projects, including films about the Olympics.

You can read Gary Thomas' blog at