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drawing of a head with figures inside

Untitled, Pen and Ink drawing by Colin Hambrook.

A monochrome pen and ink drawing of a head. The head is bald, with strong features, closed eyes and mouth. This is a three-quarter view with the left side inclined towards the viewer. The head is divided into numerous curious compartments. Top left: A figure appears to crush another. Top Centre: a despairing figure sits at a desk, on which we see a piece of paper with a large tick mark - there are two locked doors on either side. Top right: a chained figure looks upwards at six vertically descending arrows. Just above the left eye: A pendulum sways above a prostrate figure. Just above the right eye: A woman in a cell-like room gazes at a flight of steps numbered 1 to 7. Just above the right ear: A closed door appears behind a No Entry sign. Over and below the left eye: a bearded man appears to be praying in a cell-like room. Over the right eye and cheek: two seated men with outstretched hands gaze at another man who is lying on top of a table to which he is tied with rope. A tick sign which has a line crossed through it appears on the wall behind them next to an open door. Behind the right ear: Two partially obscured faces are grimacing. Across the chin beneath the lips: 3 ape-like naked men crawl on all fours from left to right.