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> > > Katherine Araniello introduces 'Meet The Superhuman: Part 2'

Katherine Araniello introduces her latest art video, 'Meet The Superhuman: Part 2' - a wry commentary on the language of the paralympics.

'Superhuman Part 2'  is a follow-on from my last video 'Meet The Superhuman'. I find the terminology that the Paralympians use repetitive and the opposite to inspiring. In fact I find what they say quite nauseating.

Paralympian Programmed and Delivered is a generic trait amongst the paralympians in which repetitive uplifting language is used continuously throughout the representation of the athletes. It reminds me that even if I did want to rush down to my local sports centre and 'get involved', there would be absolutely nothing I could get involved with. It would be a reminder that I am quite the opposite to a superhuman. Thankfully I do not aspire to be a superhuman - certainly not of the sporting type.

In my film the letters SMA (spinal muscular atrophy) is in reference to the fact that people with SMA are physically weak and therefore sport is likely to be a non-starter as it would be  amongst other disabled people. Subverting SMA to Super Motivational Athlete is my ironic take on the paralympian message of excellence and setting a legacy to future disabled people.

My message is that I have no high energy motivational message other than physicality and sporting excellence will not inspire a future generation of disabled people - because there are many disabled people who even if we did want to partake in sport - we simply cannot. Staying alive is our unprecedented daily sport which lasts a lifetime.